Distributed Flood Sensor

How can we warn thousands of people downstream of an imminent flood in rural Cambodia?



Tepmachcha (Mermaid) started as a project internal to Development Innovations. People in Need Cambodia came to Bespokh when they took the project on, looking to build more and better sensors, reduce manufacturing costs, and add some functionality to make the project truly scalable.


Starting with a review of the existing sensor platform, we identified key components of the software and hardware design that were targets for improvement, both in terms of saving money, and improving functionality. Making and managing a large fleet of identical sensors in very inaccessible locations demanded improved reliability, reduced costs, ease of integration with national disaster management systems, and the ability to update sensor control software over the air.


Bespokh was able to create custom hardware that allows for the use of different off-the-shelf components in any configuration, removing supply bottlenecks for certain components, and reducing costs per unit. Sensor enclosures were improved to IP67 standard, and a brand new software stack allows for updating units over their built in cellular network connection, removing the need for expensive site visits.


The new sensor systems are now active across Cambodia.


Client: People in Need Cambodia




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