An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them...



As a team, our expertise stretches from the earliest stages of ideation and scoping to the final throes of production and verification, on a range of software, hardware, electronics, simulation, display, demonstration, architectural and integrated projects.


For projects requiring in-depth technical development we can turn to our in-house experts. As a project comes together, our team works as a cohesive whole to ensure it all runs smoothly, and gets out of the door on time and on budget.


In many cases, we are able to provide design and fabrication services that are not otherwise available in the country. We also prioritise clear, direct communication with our customers at all stages in the development cycle, so that you have more involvement (if that’s what you want), and more certainty over delivery timetables.


"Design should not dominate things, should not dominate people. It should help people. That's its role"

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) gets ideas off paper and into the digital world. Many people can collaborate on a single design, iterating faster and always staying up to date. Integrated technologies such as mechanical simulation and photorealistic rendering ensure that the design performs as envisioned, both functionally and aesthetically.


CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

It’s no good designing to sub-mm precision if you can’t manufacture it reliably. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) allows computerised tools to control manufacturing processes, ensuring precision, speed and quality. Designing with manufacturing in mind smooths the process from prototype to product.


Electrical Design

The scoping, schematic design and final layout design of printed circuit boards (PCBs), and other electronic/electrical components of a system. We take into account the project requirements, budget, power and installation environment. Design work is documented to industry standard for ease of use with manufacturers.


Electrical Manufacturing

From local assembly of simple electronic/electrical systems to complex PCBs with multiple components and manufacturing steps, produced by international fabricators - we handle and direct the process. Assembly and testing jigs, QC checks, and appropriate packaging mean better components and processes for your project.


Systems Simulation

You can’t solve every problem on a sheet of paper! Large datasets, complex or overlapping processes, and multiple variables can be encoded in a computer simulation. This approach to problem-solving allows you to ask and answer far-reaching questions about performance, behaviour and expected outcomes that would otherwise be intractable, from business to biology.


MCAD / ECAD Integration

Great products and installations are designed as a cohesive whole. By integrating mechanical and electrical/electronic design tools we are able to speed up the design and testing process, improve the look and performance of the product and make it easier to build and maintain. Form, finish and function.


IOT and Internet-Connected Devices

More than just a trend - the idea of connecting devices, installations and processes to the internet is powerfully transformative. Applications vary from remote sensing, to business data acquisition, control, optimisation, and interactivity. Get richer value from your projects without increasing complexity.


Local Manufacturing

Wherever it makes sense we fabricate or manufacture with local suppliers or in-house, maintaining a focus on quality and reliability. Projects are realised faster (since we can iterate designs faster), on tighter budgets, and with more accountability. Hands-on customers get more involvement in the process too.


Architectural Modelling

A fantastic model speaks for itself. Convey quality, purpose and context for clients, and articulate the messages you wish to send. Beyond the shape of the building itself, the choice of materials, environment, interactivity and availability of relevant information in an architectural model is an important consideration. Making models locally means better communication, faster turnaround, and fewer surprises.


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