About Us

bespokh is a design, innovation and manufacturing consultancy


We bring modern design and manufacturing practice to Cambodia in order to make custom and mass-market product development possible for local companies and organisations.


We have the expertise and tools to make your next design project happen here in Cambodia, including electrical/electronic and mechanical prototyping, design for manufacture, and support from ideation to production.


With a healthy blend of technical competence and artistic vision, we can apply creative thinking matched by a great weight of experience to an idea. A developed appreciation of the design process means that we approach every product idea with a refined brief and goals, delivering products on time and keeping the client constantly briefed. As a group of consultants we have worked on a large array of products for NGOs, private companies and agencies, including United Nations Development Projects (UNDP), Development Innovations (DI) and Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ).


We encourage enquiries from prospective customers who may worry their ideas are too difficult to realise locally, and from those trying to understand the range of possible solutions for an early-stage project, as well as those with fully-scoped and clear project goals


"Design should not dominate things, should not dominate people. It should help people. That's its role"

The Team

bespokh is a flexible team of local and international independent technical experts with a wide range of skills. For every client we will bring together a team that is best suited for the realisation of the given project.


Leo Jofeh MPhys MRes - Technical Director


Leo is an electronic and 3d designer and fabricator with broad interests in design, simulation, visualisation, natural sciences and IoT. He graduated from the University of Manchester, UK, with a Masters in Physics with Technological Physics, and then with a Masters by Research in Complex Systems Simulation from the University of Southampton Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, UK.


Living and working in Phnom Penh for the last five years, he has extensive experience in getting all sorts of projects designed, sourced and made in Cambodia. Leo is Technical Director for Chea Jofeh Co., Ltd whose services include bespokh, and STEM Phnom Penh.




Nick O’Neill MA - Creative Director


Nick is a product designer and design engineer, whose great interests include design, architecture, anthropology and history. He graduated with a masters degree in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins in London and has worked on a broad range of projects encompassing large installations, furniture, architecture, mass produced plastic consumer goods and mass produced electrical goods.


With three years of working on a large array of different projects in Cambodia, Nick has gained extensive experience of designing and manufacturing different products in the region. With a developed understanding of modern manufacturing practices, technical competence and aesthetic nous, Nick will be able to help you on the journey from conceptualisation to completion.


About Us

bespokh is a design, innovation and manufacturing consultancy


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