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How can we convey the scale and ambition of a pioneering special economic zone to a room full of potential investors? How can we help start conversations about what’s on offer, and how it will work?


In May 2016 Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ) became one of the first Cambodian companies to list on the Cambodian Stock Exchange (CSX). To celebrate this occasion PPSEZ commissioned a show-piece architectural and landscape model that presented a scale view of the entire estate to be revealed at the IPO at Raffles Hotel le Royal. No small feat considering the fact there are over four hundred factories on the 7.5 km -long site!


The great challenge of this project was to bring together scale, relationship and function for the many and varied buildings in a visually harmonious way. Sections and buildings were to be illuminated by status to assist PPSEZ staff in sales to investors. Additionally the model must be straightforward to move and maintain.


After surveying the site with drone photography and satellite mapping a 3D computer model of the entire site was created, from which our experts were able to craft custom electronics, bespoke 3D-printed buildings and features, back-lit acrylic landscapes and clear logistical demarcation for access roads. The whole model came together as six enormous table sections covering 6 metres, delivered on time, on budget, and looking fantastic.


The installation was a source of great interest at the CSX event, with viewers immediately informed about the detail and context of their investments.




Client: PPSEZ



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