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How can we get a complex simulation model out of a computer and into the hands of policy-makers? How can we make it usable, accessible, and updateable, without a lengthy and expensive development process?




RSL came to Bespokh when they wanted to make their proprietary simulation model available and easy to use by laypersons, policy makers and local government. Including a myriad of factors and considerations, this extensive waste management simulation and costing model was complex to use, and only ran on a local computer.


Recognizing that the simulation model was a product in constant development and refinement, the solution needed to allow the waste management experts to continue to adapt their model, without requiring rework. The model must be accessible to selected users over the internet, provide both an intuitive interface, and meaningful reporting.


Bespokh used highly reliable web services and took the simulation model online, creating a simple, bilingual web app interface page for users and a standard, accessible and familiar reporting format. Controlling access to different parts of the simulation and web app allows experts at RSL to manage and update their models with peace of mind, whilst users see only the parts relevant to them, with the ability to save and manipulate their reports in spreadsheet format. User interactions can be tracked to assess impact and usage, and model updates are instant.


The solid waste management simulation is available online now for users that have requested and been granted access.


Client: RSL International




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