Waste Management

How can we distil the contributions of dozens of project stakeholders into a simple, beautiful, and understandable form?



Design Kompany and UNDP tasked Bespokh with prototyping contributed ideas for solutions to a serious waste management problem in Siem Reap wet markets. After 3 days of human-centred design workshops, the team had to convert diverse ideas to physical reality under a tight deadline.


Understanding the need for clear context as well as useful detail, we identified two key deliverables that would convey the location, nature and severity of the problem, along with the in-depth explanation that these ideas deserved. The deliverables needed to be easily transportable, quick to grab attention, and readily understandable.


Bespokh created a small format architectural model of the problem space, incorporating not only the visible physical elements, but logistical, utility and human factors too - all in an intuitive and visually striking manner. Viewers can understand the interplay between different constraints and considerations, and see the proposed solutions in context. Additionally, we created a detailed mechanical study and model of one particular solution at larger scale, verifying the basic premise of the design, and allowing users to get hands-on with ideas only previously available on paper.


The models are now being used to help stakeholders and policy-makers gain common understanding, and shape decisions.


Client: Design Kompany & UNDP



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