WIFI Robots

How can we bring an international educational technology into a local context?



Mirobot is a popular software platform allowing wireless WiFi robots to roam in classrooms, responding to sensor and user inputs, and running programs written in variety of education-friendly languages. STEM Phnom Penh wanted to make use of the open source software and create robotic hardware that was durable and straightforward to manufacture locally.


Beginning with the open-source schematics for the international project, the team optimised component choices, redesigned and shrunk the electronic PCBs, and designed new hardware from the ground up. The new version would be smaller, faster, tougher, and better looking, whilst costing less to manufacture.


With 90% of the components coming off any consumer desktop 3d printer without further finishing work, new PCBs fitting into the cheapest <25cm² production range, a range of modular choices for electronic components with greater local supply chain reliability, and also looking pretty cool, the new robots are an improvement that fits well in a local context. Plus all the new design work is still open-source, allowing users to understand their technology on multiple levels.


The robots are now beeping, trundling and sensing in Cambodian workshops.


Client: STEM Phnom Penh

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